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  • 2023 Burning Man Ultra VIP Experience
2023 Burning Man Ultra VIP Experience

2023 Burning Man Ultra VIP Experience

2023 Burning Man VIP Experience
Burning Man Interest
VENUE: Black Rock City
EVENT DATE: 08/27/2023 08/28/2023 08/29/2023 08/30/2023 08/31/2023 09/01/2023 09/02/2023 09/03/2023 09/04/2023
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If you’ve ever been to a long music festival–and by long, we don’t mean Friday after work until Sunday morning–you know how after a week or so, you really wish that life would always be the way it had been during the gathering of people that’s just about to dry up and blow away, except in your memory. Well, multiply that exhilaration by 100, and you might be getting close to the fever and fervor brought about in the Black Rock Desert of northwest Nevada, about 100 miles north-northeast of Reno in late August and early September. The Burning Man festival is more about the journey that is Black Rock City, not the destination. It’s a community that springs from the sand and leaves no trace when it’s ended. It’s kind of like Brigadoon, except they burn a giant statue in a bachanal rite. This year’s Burning Man runs from 8/27 to 9/4, and you have got to be there. Tickets? Yeah, we’ve got tickets. What did you expect? We have them waiting for you. We’re VIP Concierge!! Check out the package.

VIP Burning Man

• Class A 42” luxury RV with full kitchen, 2 beds, electricity, air conditioner, shower, toilet & camp/entrance fees

• A private mid-jet from the LA area to Truckee; From there a King Air or similar to Burning Man

• Daily water supply & RV purge, maid-service cleaning, linen cleaning, and on-site concierge
• Selection of costumes

• Segway & burner transportation rentals

• Burner Survival Kit with bikes, decorations, lights, camel bag, cup, etc.

• Stocking of food, drinks technical supply, electricity, water, internet, participation in the camp art project

• Musical entertainment in the camp

• Cooks & fresh buffets every meal (tailored to tastes); Snacks 24/7; Open Bar 24/7

• Security & technician guard 24/7

• (2) Burning Man entrance tickets & RV Pass

Everything you need will be provided:

• RV Accommodations

• Personal Camp Chef

• 24-Hour Snack & Spirit Bar in Lounge

• Bikes & Costumes at your service

Get your Burning Man on in the wildest way possible! We have it all, and it’ll be waiting for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything. We do it all the time. You could say it’s what we do.