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Cast Your Vote: Teen Choice Voting Is Down to the Wire

August 08,2019

Teen Choice Voting Continues Until the Last Minute

They say there are only two things guaranteed during a person’s lifetime – death and Texas, but we at VIP Concierge beg to differ with them, whoever those “they” people might be. 

We can think of at least two other things you can count on as well. You know that the FOX network has never held back on the apparent rebellious nature of its programming. It took chances, and the network wanna’-be fought the big three–and it’s been the big four ever since. 

So, you know that when FOX puts on the award show dog, it’s gonna’ be the most extreme event aimed squarely at the most desirable audience and incorporating modern technology in a way that no other awards show dares to attempt.

Voting Is Underway

The third wave of voting for FOX’s Teen Choice Awards is underway and will be until moments before the show airs live from beautiful (hey, it’s in the name) Hermosa Beach, over there by the Oceano Pacifico on August 11. 

The carefully contrived voting regiment keeps fans guessing and interested. They don’t just get to vote a single time. They can vote over and over–on the same day–in every category–every day until the big day. 

Why should there only be one vote for every person? Hundreds is more like it, says FOX.

The Fans Take The Lead

All the usual suspects are up for the awards you expect them to be nominated for on the shortlist created by the fans themselves–and who is better equipped to do that than the fans? This is Teen Choice, not Teen Be Told What to Do after all. 

So the tension and excitement build and build until the show is broadcast. There can’t be any leaks–nobody knows who’s won until the votes are tallied via whatever computer does that kind of stuff and presented to the presenters live on national TV.

There’s no academy for the Teen Choice Awards. There are no judges. There’s no panel of distinguished critics or team of accountants who are going to spew some numbers that may mean popularity to CEOs and CFOs and other kinds of executive Os but not to fans. 

And especially not to teenage fans, the most passionate, enthusiastic. On top of that, they’ll be ever so energetic that night–and you can be there among them.

Be Part Of The Action

Remember I told you there were 2 things we would add onto the list of guaranteed things in life. One was FOX’s need to be different as mentioned, and the other is VIP Concierge’s need to be the same–the same dependable company we’ve always been. 

We can magically transform you from a viewer to a participant. We’ve already done the heavy lifting so that you can be part of the fun and the fun can be a part of you. Contact us to set up a night you’ll never forget. 

Incidentally, the Perseid meteor shower will be raging that night, like it is every year. Outside, you can watch the falling stars, and inside you’ll see the rising stars in every kind of entertainment known to those who demand to be entertained every moment of every day forever in perpetuity. 

FOX hears you! And so does VIP Concierge. We hear and we provide. Like always.