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VIP Movie Premiere is the number one site for tickets to movie premieres all over the country, from New York City to Hollywood. We make sure you have the most unforgettable time imaginable. From red carpet moments to restricted access after-parties, we pull back the velvet rope so that you can be there for every bit of the excitement. You’ll see the stars and their styling outfits rocking the red carpet.

In association with VIP Concierge, we take the guesswork out of having a good time. We will handle every aspect of your exclusive experience from your arrival to your departure. Check out our blog for tips on the hottest upcoming movie premieres. As the top of the line concierge service in the world, we have fulfilled the dreams of many people just like you. People who have always wanted to be where the action is, but who weren’t sure how to pull it off. We are experts at making the exclusive available to those who want to experience it.