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Captain America Deals with Civil War

April 04,2016

Just a few years ago, super-hero movies were pretty simple. You had a superhero, and the movie was about the superhero and the superhero’s enemy, who was also the enemy of the people. Now, superhero movies are rarely about just one superhero and one villain. These days, super-heroes form little superhero gangs and fight other superhero gangs. The idea is that if one superhero is good, then 10 must be better, which isn’t always the case. However, it does seem to be the case with movies, so if it works, meaning if it sells tickets, then you can bet your boots there will be more bigger superhero movies with more superheroes in them–and more super-villains too.

We’ve reached the point where the main superhero of a movie like Captain America: Civil War doesn’t just get his name in the title, he also earns a colon and a subtitle. This prevents the viewing public from wondering which Captain America movie it is. This summer there are several films with colons in their titles signifying a sequel, prequel or some type of spinoff on the original film.

It makes sense, since these heroes come from comic books, and they deal with a new evil entity every month. But Civil War has a nice twist. It pits good guys against other good guys based on their opinion of a new law requiring all superheroes to register in some database.

Captain America doesn’t think he should have to–or any other superhero, for that matter. After all, if this database operates like a job bank, then by the time a superhero is summoned or a superhero team is assembled, the threat may be far greater and harder to eradicate than it would have been if they had just allowed the superheroes to deal with the problem on their own timetable. Therein lies the rub. It’s nothing more than a disagreement between superheroes, but it tends to get personal. Iron Man thinks regulation is OK, but Captain America doesn’t, so they have to deal with it like superheroes will–by fighting.

So what we have in Captain America: Civil War is more superheroes than there are fleas at a dog show. The crazy part is that they’re fighting each other. The great part is that there is enough action and special effects to satisfy the most hard core superhero fan out there. Naturally, they end up banding together to fight some evil force that requires all their strengths at once, so it all works out in the end.

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