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Coachella Postponed Until October Due to Pandemic

April 04,2020

Coachella is the latest victim of the novel coronavirus. Even the ubiquitous Coachella–the darling of late night talk shows and spawner of what seem like 10,000 skits–is no match for the pandemic. Fortunately, the weather in California is as pleasant and perfect for a music festival in October as it is for April, so the new dates are now:

  • First weekend:  10/09 through 10/11
  • Second weekend: 10/16 through 10/18

Considering how much publicity Coachella gets, it’s a safe bet that the bands that were scheduled for April have already cleared their schedule and can’t wait to play the rescheduled shows. This year’s gathering is especially powerful, with Rage Against the Machine headlining, but a lot of attention has been shown to Danny Elfman’s upcoming performance with a symphony orchestra.

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