Don’t Get Pitch Slapped

October 10,2015

OK, so what do you get when you have a funny script, a sequel to a big hit movie, college girls making fart noises, an obnoxious German singing group, a pack of college girls and a wardrobe malfunction to top all wardrobe malfunctions? That’s easy. You have this spring’s highly anticipated musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2, the follow-up to the 2012 hit Pitch Perfect with director and co-star Elizabeth Banks once again bringing the funny. Of course, when you have a comic actor like Rebel Wilson back for seconds as Fat Amy, you know there will be an overload of hijinks, sarcasm and plenty of girls being girls all the way through the film.

Here’s an image from the film for you that will burn itself onto your retinas. Fat Amy is strapped in a harness while suspended 20 feet above the stage. She’s belting out her rendition of the Miley Cyrus hit Wrecking Ball. However, the sling has slung and poor Fat Amy is left dangling from the harness with a very obvious wardrobe malfunction. And wouldn’t you know it–today of all days, she decided to go commando, as in no panties. As she writhes and wriggles, she slowly spins until everyone can see her. . . her predicament. Of course, after an embarrassment like that, the Barden Bellas are suspended. However, they manage to get back in the competition and even squeeze out a promise to be reinstated if they can bring home the world championship, which nobody believes is possible because the entire world hates Americans.

Now you know that Pitch Perfect 2 is loaded for bear. They have their posse assembled, and they aren’t going to settle for second place. Not even the German group Sound Machine is going to deprive or deprave these girls from their ultimate destiny.

If you want to, you can wait for the film to hit your local cineplex and go with your buddies to see it. Or, you could step up and catch the world premiere on May 12 in the center of the unknown universe–Hollywood. Here at VIP Concierge, we have tickets to the premiere and passes to the after party, where you just might break out in song.

Of course, the film has plenty of girl bonding, dreamy sleepovers, pillow fights and plenty of harmonizing, but that’s not all. It has sight gags, pratfalls and actually funny lines that will make you laugh out loud even if you have your jaw wired shut.

You don’t have to have perfect pitch to see the world premiere of Pitch Perfect 2. Not even close. In fact, you can have a tin ear. The only requirement is that you bring your sense of humor. Stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks are on top of their game, and you want to be there for the show and the after party. To not go to the party after the premiere is like not having dessert after a 6-course meal. Why deprive yourself one of the sweet, guilty pleasures of life?

Make the scene. Be there for all the la-la-las and ha-ha-has. Make fun of the German team right along with the girls from the Barden Bellas. They can use all the help they can get.