Rambo: Last Blood

September 09,2019

A Premiere Set To Rock LA

Sequel-lovers of the world, we are happy to offer tickets to the world premiere and after-party for Rambo: Last Blood. It’s all happening on September 16th in Hollywood, Los Angeles, where heroes live on and on in various iterations in perpetuity.

The Legend Returns

Stallone’s Rambo character not only has, does and will survive his newest crusade, but he’ll also come out the far end of the misery tunnel with new interpersonal communication skills and a deeper meaning of the world.


Translated to plain speak, that means he can kick more ass more efficiently, and he’s picked up a few new skills for operating bigger and better weapons and munitions.

But the big question is: does Rambo use his cellphone to its full capacity, or is he paying for services and apps he doesn’t need?

Like, he’s already got his shiny custom Jim Bowie-esque Rambo knife, that’s good for field dressing his meals and disemboweling his foes, so he has the knife requirement covered. Are his cell phone needs adequately satisfied?

Not that the plot is terribly important. In fact, for brevity’s sake, the plot could just be one word: Rambo. Everyone will know what that means, but this is sort of like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

As we learn about Rambo’s adventures, we learn about the location too. Not that you could use these for a geography class, but any exposure to a foreign country is good for a U.S. citizen. 

He’s Out For Blood

Anyway, having said that, here’s the plot. Nearly 40 years after they drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone has returned as John Rambo, one of the original action heroes and the second legendary character created and portrayed by Stallone in sequel after sequel to the point where it’s predictably profitable due to the legions of fans Stallone has.

He’s even said that although the film is called “Rambo: Last Blood,” he was hoping to do a sixth installment of Rambo’s storyline.

As far as the plot goes, it seems that Rambo is dealing with PTSD and living on a ranch in Arizona. He’s been chilling since his last escapade, but then he’s told that a friend’s daughter was kidnapped in Mexico while at a party.

Rambo is good to go on this mission, and he goes looking for the girl.

Live That VIP Lifestyle

The tag lines for the film say it all: “The legend comes home”; “They drew first blood, He will draw last”; and “Everyone has one more fight in them.” There’s little doubt about what to expect from this film, and every Rambo fan knows they’ll get it.

people enjoying a private LA party

And you know what you’re getting from VIP Concierge. We’re standing by with tickets to the world premiere and the exclusive after-party. It’s been over two decades since Rambo 4, and this one’s sure to be a modernization on the regular theme.

VIP red carpet treatment awaits. We only have a limited number of these passes, so make your move now. Otherwise, you’ll be as sad as a dog on a strict Vegan diet.