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The Hottest Yearly Art Shows to Check Out

March 03,2020

Are you a Fashionista? 


Stay on top of the game. Be here, there and everywhere for your first glimpse of the upcoming 2021 Fashion Weeks


Could they have possibly made it harder to see them all?  It used to be that the U.S. show was not expected to be as grand as the road-warrior version of the French. 


So we skipped the U.S. dates and went for the Paris and Milan shows, just because we love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles, as Cole Porter used to say. He also used to say, “Get that horse off me!” 


That, however, is another story, and one that just makes us fans of American musicals sad as a dog at the flea circus. 


But now the U.S. show has its own type of clout–celebrities. They’re everywhere, at all the shows, and some even have shows of their own. 


And nobody, meaning nobody can trade on their celebrity as much as New York and Los Angeles. 

Comparing the Shows: Which One is hotter?

So, we suggest making a full blown vacation of the New York Fashion Week. Afterward, or before, depending on your preference, go from L.A. to N.Y. or from N.Y. to L.A. 


If you’re in a hurry, fly, but if not, consider driving or some other ground transportation to get the full experience of those amber waves of grain. 


Take a nice, long drive through the country–of America, which would probably not be called a thrill ride, unless you take U.S. Route 80 west from NYC or east from San Francisco. 


Train or bus is still the best option for a good dose of the “slow boat to China”, and it’s a remarkable sight everyone should see! 


After spending a week in New York or Los Angeles, the plains will seem that much plainer. Every glance out of the windows will seem like American Gothic itself. 


And the destination points will leave you, from wherever you start–on the East Coast or out West Coast way, flabbergasted by sunny California, the trip and the NYFW show.


Neither city is remotely similar to the other. In fact, even after ciphering everything, there’s no way to compare one to the other except in terms like great, wonderful and exciting. 


Those are the kind of words that any city’s Chamber of Commerce would welcome. Their size guarantees a stunning amount of cultural events to see or do, their cultural makeup assures adventurous and experienced foodies alike all they can handle as far as new flavors for their mouths to explore. 


Plus, you’ll get to enjoy two completely different climates during your trip. New York City in February is vastly different from Los Angeles, and vice versa. 


That’s not so hard to believe since they’re 3,000 miles apart. A beautiful day in Manhattan may not be the same as a gorgeous day at Muscle Beach, but it has a splendor and wonder all its own.

Of course, you know the fashion shows will be mind-blowing on several levels. 


The haute couture, the designers, the venues, the celebrity audiences will split the crowd from sea to shining sea apart from the crowd living across the pond and their somewhat pre-ordained and cheeky self-proclaimed superiority.

Plan Your Trip: Take on NYFW

A trip to N.Y. for the NYFS followed by a dash to the coast in a ragtop rental and back again is a bucket moment for many people (men), but the family car will do nicely too until the women watch in horror as the car that had previously served the family so well is now back in their garage in need of life support. 


A trip like this adds a sense of space due to the sheer acreage covered and a feeling for the vastly unique cultures of The City of Angels and The City That Never Sleeps. And it’s a great add-on to the NYFW, in all its passionate glory. 

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