The Resurgence of Divergent

October 10,2015

Dystopian films based on wildly popular young adult books seem to follow a pattern. In March, the resurgent movie franchise Divergent will lumber into theaters with the second installment named Insurgent. Can’t you already hear the delighted squeals of fans everywhere, like when the residents of Whoville all shouted at once so Horton could hear them? Like The Hunger Games before it, the films are coming out yearly and the last book will be split into two glorious films that are just right for raking in piles of cold, hard cash–and I don’t mean Johnny Cash, although he is also cold and hard, rest his rockin’ soul.

If you’ve seen the trailer for Insurgent, you know that many, many reality-bending action-packed scenes with heroine Tris are being packed into this film like herrings in a tin can. Veronica Roth’s series, as you may not know (if you’ve been in a cave on the moon with your eyes closed and your ears plugged with green cheese), centers around poor Tris and her inability to fit into one of the five tightly divided societies that Chicago will harbor in the near dystopian future (as if it doesn’t already). Tris could easily fit into a few of the factions, which is not as lucky as it sounds. This Divergence has the potential to become the kiss of death for Shailene Woodley’s lead character.

These films aren’t just candy for the fans, they are solid money-makers for the studios. Divergent scored big, taking over $288 million in international box office and rentals. You can buy a lot of dystopian misery for that much moola.

You can also buy tickets to the resurgent Divergent: Insurgent premiere and after party from us here at VIP Concierge. We can’t guarantee that you’ll end up sitting with Tris, but you might bump into her in the powder room. Kate Winslet will probably be there, but as herself–not portraying the evil Jeanine Matthews. Put it this way. You’re more likely to mingle with the stars than Tris will be able to save her mother from the burning house, as seen in the trailer. Of course, her mom died during Divergent, but that doesn’t stop Tris from diving from a skyscraper in an attempt to save her in Insurgent. Chicago has always been a city filled with dreamers, but in the Chicago of the future, Tris’s visions could be caused by a drug-fueled hallucination or some other mental gymnastic we do not understand.

So, if your patience is stretched thin, if you came away hungry for more dystopia from The Hunger Games, and if you can’t stand the thought of not being the first one on your block to see Insurgent, get your tickets fast at Then, after the show, you can play spoiler and tell your friends about the good scenes. You could even lie and make them think Tris dies or something. You get to do whatever you want with your new-found knowledge because knowledge is power. For all you Divergent: Insurgent fans, this isn’t casual–it’s urgent.