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Which Award Show is Right for You?

December 12,2019

VIP Concierge is the top dog when it comes to fetching tickets to the best events across the nation. Our team of searchers beats the bushes to find the best passes to the best shows.

In most cases, these tickets also include tickets to the after parties, which usually are even more memorable than the shows themselves because the pressure of the competition is over, and everybody just wants to let their hair down and have a good time.

But, how do you decide which award show is right for you when there are so many? Hopefully, this handy guide can help you make up your mind.

Think Specific: What’s Your Vibe?

First of all, what do you like to do?

Are you a film buff who tracks the stars and their various constellations and projects, or are you a diehard sports fan who couldn’t care less about movies, TV shows or stage productions?

colored lights at the awards show

Are you buying for yourself or for a friend or relative? What do they like? Are they too old to enjoy the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Show? Would they rather go to the Fox network’s Teen Choice show?

Maybe you spend your every waking moment listening to music, writing songs, rehearsing your band and playing, so you have no interest in any show but a music award.

man performing onstage at a concert

You might even be a lover of all things creative, so a more general award show that covers music, film and TV might be your best bet.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities, so put your seat in the upright position and hang on. 

Network Awards

Network award shows are aimed at the audience. It wouldn’t make sense for Nickelodeon to have a show that praised shows with adult themes when its viewers are mostly pre-teenaged children.

large outdoor concert

So, if you have an 11 year old niece who loves Sponge Bob Squarepants, the choice is obvious.

Teenagers prefer the Teen Choice Awards, for the most apparent reason–it caters to their viewing habits. Plus, they’ve outgrown the pre-teen bucket of slime and have moved on to honoring their idols, instead of sliming them.

General Interest Shows

Some award shows cover the full spectrum of entertainment. The American Music Awards concentrate on fan choice, with winners being decided by those who cast their ballots with their dollars and their cell phones. 

The Big Ones

Of course, if you’re a true film, TV or music fanatic, you want to go with the original royalty amongst award shows.

outdoor concert with yellow lighting

The EMMYs are the primetime TV awards show. The Daytime EMMYs are for the shows that fill the TV Guides daily schedules.

The GRAMMY awards honor the best in music and the Academy Awards are the most coveted of all shows for film awards.

The Golden Globes are also a great choice for those with a cafeteria style approach to their entertainment and take a little of this and a little of that.

Since the Tony Awards are only for theater, your super-hero loving cousin would probably not enjoy them.

Special Interest Groups

Some award shows are focused on the needs of lesser served parts of the population that aren’t adequately represented in the mainstream shows.

The Latin Grammy Awards, the NAACP Image Awards and the BET Awards are three such shows. Fans with their feet in BET and Latin camps might enjoy the NAACP Image Awards.

microphone onstage with lights in the background

All three of these have established themselves as major events that receive massive response from the communities.

If you’re into Mexican radio, world music, Latin stars or the BET’s programming, you might want to check into these shows and after parties.

Even ESPN, the venerable sports network, has its own awards that cover film, TV and, oddly enough, sports. You’re as likely to see a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model as a quarterback at this show, but nobody’s saying that’s a bad thing.

Billboard magazine also has a celebration that focuses a laser light only on the revenue from a song or film. Dollars are all that matters in that case.

Choose A Show That Suits You

Check out our offerings. Then, give us a call to help narrow the list. We’ve been bringing excitement into homes across the country for a long time, and we can do it for you, too.