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AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ Comes Alive October 2015

October 10,2015

Get ready for more gore and ghouls. AMC’s smash-hit “Walking Dead” is returning to the small screen in early October. Season six of the acclaimed show will start with a bang and a fantabulous Hollywood premiere. Fans and critics agree that season five was the best yet, but producers guarantee that the upcoming series will be even better.

There’s no question that the “Walking Dead” has something that other shows don’t. It’s wild and unpredictable. Every time you think you know what’s going on, the plot shifts thanks to clever plot twists and unstable characters that are fighting to stay on the edge of existence.

Who can wait for the premiere? We can’t. Will the Alexandrians and Grimes group band together or tear each other apart? And who is controlling the zombie minions that are marked with Manson-style W’s? Fans have ants in their pants about the origin of the mysterious letters. There’s been so much foreshadowing and speculation about the Wolves, but the producers are sure to keep everyone waiting as long as possible. All of the speculation is based on one graffito, so everyone could be wrong.

This year, the group spirals deeper into the post apocalyptic abyss. How long can they stay safe behind the steel walls that protected the group in the beloved comic books. With Rick acting like an idiot, it’s hard to tell whether he’ll be their fearless leader or if the group will feed him to the zombies just to end his loose cannon ranting and whining. And who would follow that guy if he manages to go off on his own? There is nothing like a jerk with too much power. Of course, everyone’s excited about Sasha’s zombie-slaying rampage after she lost her boyfriend and her brother. You go girl! Kill some zombies!

Sure the “Walking Dead” is exciting, but nothing can beat the electricity of the highly anticipated premiere and after party. The best news is that you and a few other fans can join the fun and be part of the premiere. Sashay down the red carpet and into the theater to watch the season six premiere before the rest of the world, but that’s not all. The real fun happens at the top-secret after party. Go inside the terminus to pose for photos with your favorite zombies, sample brain cupcakes and slurp down Jello-mold eyeballs. Nothing could be that much fun with or without a fog machine. It’s the only premiere where you can walk with the “Walking Dead” and pretend you’re a zombie without getting thrown out. Because there are so many great actors in the ensemble cast, you have even more chances to bump into your favorite characters. Just don’t piss off Rick!

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