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Get Your Tickets to the Season 6 Premiere of “The Walking Dead” Now!

October 10,2015

All the world loves zombies–unless you’re running from them. And it seems that all the world loves zombie movies and television shows, as evidenced by the phenomenal success of The Walking Dead. The show just ended its fifth season in remarkable form, and all the fans will be dying for more, more, more until October, when the whip comes down for season 6.

It’s a wonder that Rick Grimes and his crew are still around to tell the tale, but that just shows how great the show is. The zombies can’t catch them, and the ratings are still through the roof. Most critics and fans agree that season five was the best yet, which already leaves them licking their chops for next season.

AMC has really been scoring big with their original programming. In addition to Breaking Bad, Mad Men and the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, the network has been able to come up with the most unique and entertaining programming this side of network TV. Of course, network television can’t go anywhere near AMC when it comes to content, but that’s their problem. If the major networks hadn’t been putting out rotten programming for so long, people wouldn’t have had to turn to cable networks like AMC to get the good stuff, and The Walking Dead really is good stuff.

If you’re a fan of the undead, you know to turn to www.vipmoviepremieretickets.com to get your tickets to next season’s premiere and after party now, before they disappear because if you miss out, you’ll be as sad as a dog at the flea circus. Think about it. What better way to celebrate your favorite show than by getting on down to Los Angeles in October. The weather is perfect in fall in the city of angels, and you’ll have a perfectly wonderful time. The premiere will be exceptional, like they always are. If you’ve never been to one, you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you’ve already had the pleasure of attending a premiere, you know how electric and exciting the atmosphere can be. You also know that the jewel in the crown is the after party, where you can mingle with the cast, directors, producers, crew, et al. For the true fans of The Walking Dead, this is a rare chance to get up close and personal with your favorite stars. Of course, there will probably be a few zombies in attendance, but they won’t eat you or anything. They’re just there for the ambiance and because even zombies love The Walking Dead.

So get out your plastic and pick up your tickets to the premiere and after party for season six of The Walking Dead. These tickets are hot items that always sell out fast. Don’t get left behind, or you might be torn limb from limb by your unfriendly neighborhood zombie fans. Get tickets for you, your BFF and everybody in your crew. Maybe they’ll return the favor when season 7 rolls around.