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2023 Kids Choice Awards!

2023 Kids Choice Awards!

This is your "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity for 2023 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards tickets, when kids honor their favorites from the worlds of film, music, sports and television in a star-studded live telecast...
Kids Choice Awards Interest
VENUE: TBD (exact date and venue TBD)
LOCATION: Los Angeles
EVENT DATE: 04/08/2023
PRICE: Details TBD! Email us to be placed on notification list!


Get VIP Tickets to the 2023 Kids Choice Awards.

What has orange carpet, tons of fun and is covered with 2,000 gallons of green slime? It has to be the Kids’ Choice Awards. There is no award show like it, and there’s no place like VIP Concierge to get your passes.
There’s some big news this year! Blake Shelton is hosting this slimy extravaganza. He actually wanted to, and he’s super excited. Yay! He’s even up for an award. You’d better vote because it would be kind of awkward if he has to give himself a blimp trophy. Fortunately, there are plenty of other categories to honor all of the stars who don’t want to grow up.
After you finish your homework, including the math section, log on to to cast your vote. Stretch your arms and limber up your wrists, because there is a boatload of work to do. These are tough decisions, so consider your answers carefully. Do you like Girl Meets World enough, or is The Thundermans a better choice? What about your favorite book series? If you’ve read any books lately, do you like the whole Harry Potter series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid or something dystopian? There are a lot of options. How about cooking shows? There are so many wonderful programs in this category, but our vote is definitely going to MasterChef Junior, and especially to the kid who scalded Gordon Ramsey. Go JJ!
Once the votes are in, things will get exciting. You’ll be counting down the days and the school lunches, but you won’t have long to wait. The 2023 KCAs are happening on Saturday, April 8th (estimated date). The 29-year-old show is happening in Los Angeles at a great venue TBA.

It’s true that kids must grow up, and they grew up too quickly. However, the Kids’ Choice Awards never age. For one night a year, time just might slow down. Eternity and happiness can’t be bought, but you certainly can buy KCA tickets to get a little bit of both. Reserve your place now to get the best tickets. If you can’t make it this year, we’ll put your name on the waiting list for the 2022 Kids Choice Awards. Go this year or both years. Either way, you can watch the award show with your favorite celebrities. You can even attend the VIP party afterward for even more tween-friendly fun. If you’re planning a secret surprise or are crossing something big off a wish list, buy your tickets now, or call our concierge team to reserve your place.