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2022 Primetime TV Awards Parties

2022 Primetime TV Awards Parties

Attend the hottest parties for the industry's most exclusive TV awards show!
Emmy Party Interest
LOCATION: Los Angeles
EVENT DATE: 09/12/2022
PRICE: Please contact us for details!


The 2021 Primetime EMMY awards came and went. All that we’re left with is our memories of the great show and the even better parties. It’s not only likely, it’s pretty certain that the next installment in this lifelong work-in-progress will be bigger and better. It has to because more players have entered the field. And they’re fighting the old establishment for the right to entertain you.

The Emmys, One of the Big Four Entertainment Awards

The Emmys are different than other award shows. They’re held in September, on Sunday the 18th to be exact, but make no mistake. The Emmys are just as big as the Oscars for the big screen, the Tonys for Broadway and the Grammys for anyone in the music biz. At the Primetime Emmys, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hands out oodles of awards to programs that demonstrate artistic and technical expertise. This year, we’re still laughing at Ted Lasso, and we’re considering installing a chess board on the ceiling of the VIP guest room as a nod to The Queen’s Gambit, an 11-time Emmy winner.

These awards aren’t fan generated or based on popularity or even based on retail sales. They’re selected by members of the academy who choose the nominees and vote for the best in each category. Today, winners are selected by nearly 16,000 academy members spread across 30 technical groups. The Emmys have come a long way since 1949 when the academy sold tickets to the very first award show for just $5. Their status and prices have certainly increased since then.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Celebrates 74 Years

The Primetime Emmys recognizes up-and-coming shows like HBO’s Hacks and tried-and-true favorites like Saturday Night Live, which keeps reeling in awards for doing comedy right. For 2022, the Primetime Emmy Awards is in its 74th edition. The celebration is bigger than ever, and the parties are out of this world. You can expect endless appetizers, free-flowing beverages and head-turning celebrity sightings. Naturally, TV’s biggest award show will be broadcast over the air, but it’s waaay better in person.

The Emmys broadcast may last only a few hours, but the celebration lasts far longer. There are preparty warmups and post-show bashes that last well into the wee smalls of the morning. VIP Concierge can hook you up with passes to the various and wonderful after-parties thrown by the producers, distributors, networks and talent agencies. And if a show hits big for an award like best of [anything], the mirth will be pervasive, for sure. Multiple wins guarantee widespread exposure. This leads to more subscriptions to the streamer site, more enrolling to the cable provider, more allegiance to the show and even bigger parties for you to attend.

VIP Emmy Party Passes

Among the creme de la creme of the Primetime Emmys is the studio parties. While regular folks laugh along with the host and watch the reveals, you’ll be attending star-studded parties thrown by the biggest networks and media brands. If you love primetime TV, attend a primetime Emmy party where your favorite shows come to life. Get in touch with us to reserve your VIP Emmy party passes.