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Behind-The-Scenes at the Premiere of “The Company You Keep”

October 10,2015

“The Company You Keep” is an obvious sleeper that’s just beginning to rouse American audiences. For months if not years, fans and film critics have been waiting for “The Company You Keep” to make its official U.S. debut. Movie premiere tickets for “The Company You Keep” are now on sale for the April 1st debut and after-party, which is taking place in the always-glamorous New York City. The wait for this film has been excruciating, and the distribution agreement may have been part of the problem. Corporate contracts aside, “The Company You Keep” has a gripping based-on-a-book-and-real events story and a phenomenal ensemble cast led by Robert Redford and the impetuous Shia LaBeouf.

Trailers for the film have been teasing fans since August 2012, and the film made two premieres in September at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. “The Company You Keep” had a strong showing in Venice, and Redford took home two of the festival’s top awards for his work as director. Several days later in Toronto, Sony Pictures Classics snatched up U.S. distribution rights, but it took some time for the group to schedule a premiere. Tickets to “The Company You Keep” premiere and after-party should be exceptionally hot because the film will only have a limited theatrical release, and the premiere is the best way to see the movie while rubbing elbows with Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte and all of the film’s stars.

2013 The Company You Keep

Sony Pictures Classics is the art-house division of Sony and distributes many independent films. Even for Robert Redford, the king of the Sundance Film Festival, there has been some trepidation in the industry because his last two directorial features “The Conspirator” and “Lions for Lambs” were slow movers at the box office. “The Company You Keep” will silence doubters with its gripping realism, political plot and intrigue. More than 30 years after radical bombings shook banks and government buildings, the story of the Weather Underground is recounted from a new and different point of view.

“The Company You Keep” is produced and directed by Robert Redford with financing from Voltage Pictures, an aggressive foreign sales agent that is distributing the film overseas. Voltage Pictures financed the “Hurt Locker” and is on an endless investing spree focused on story-driven scripts and hard-hitting topics. “The Company You Keep” is Robert Redford’s comeback film, and it’s a full-on political thriller that really delivers. What are you waiting for? Buy your movie premiere tickets from VIP Concierge to scratch your film fanatic itch. Hurry to get after-party passes that will make the night even more unforgettable.