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Zucker/Proft Partnership Good for Comedy Fans

October 10,2015

If you’re a fan of comedy films, then you’re probably a fan of David Zucker and Pat Proft and their occasional collaborations. These two comedy giants have been bringing the funny for decades—all the way back to the 70’s and the old “Smothers Brothers Show.” Proft wrote material for Cher, Bob Hope and Ringo Starr too. Zucker was the director of such classics as “Kentucky Fried Movie.” He was also a writer for “Airplane!” and the producer on “Scary Movie 3” and, now, “Scary Movie 5.” Proft and Zucker have written together on the “Naked Gun” trilogy. Together they wrote “Scary Movie 5.”

It was a stroke of genius to get Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan to be in the film. Both were, and are, going through public tantrums and meltdowns. Their bad guy, bad girl pairing is the best coupling Charlie’s had since Jennifer Grey in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” For big fans of the series, the only bummer is that Anna Farris and Regina Hall aren’t in this installment—for the first time. They both were in 1 through 4. Farris supposedly made a cameo appearance, but she was unable to star because she’s pregnant.

“Scary Movie 5” will have its world premiere on Wednesday, April 3, in ever-fascinating Hollywood, California. The reboot of the series is sure to attract attention from fans of Zucker, Proft, Sheen and Lohan. Director Malcolm D. Lee even managed to trot out Heather Locklear, Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg and Chris Elliott.

Fans of the Zucker/Proft partnership should get some tickets to the premiere. VIP Concierge has tickets to the show and passes to the after-party, where you could meet any of the many talented people involved in the film. It’s also a great chance for aspiring writers or actors to meet some professionals. Try it. You’ll like it.