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Crimson Peak and the Haunted Mansion

October 10,2015

It’s rare that a director grants an interview to a journalist during an on-set visit. They’re usually just too busy. Sometimes they’re too involved in their project to come down to earth. Other times they’re wary of being misquoted. Most often, the producers will run interference for the directors to make sure the interview stays on point. When they do grant an interview, it’s a rare treat, just like attending a Hollywood premiere.

Director Guillermo del Toro recently gave it up for journalists on the Toronto set of his upcoming horror film Crimson Peak. He was more than willing to play tour guide through the Victorian mansion that he says he wanted to seem like “a living organism.”

For all you organisms who are film fans, the world premiere of Crimson Peak will be held October 12th, 2015 in Los Angeles the center of the film universe. The basic synopsis is that after a family tragedy, a wanna-be author is ripped between her affections for an old friend and her attraction to a mysterious outsider. As she attempts to escape her past ghosts, she winds up in a house that breathes, bleeds… and remembers. We have tickets here at VIP Concierge for the film’s premiere and the after-party, which will not be held in a haunted house. You can purchase your tickets at http://www.thevipconcierge.com/VIPEvents/557/Crimson-Peak-Movie-VIP-Tickets-After-Party.aspx

Anyway, del Toro had plenty to say about the Legendary/Universal film and its real star, the creepy mansion. The director of Hellboy and Pacific Rim told all about the multi-level, free-standing mansion that was built on a stage at Toronto Pinewood. He spilled his guts proudly about all the details and how the house was built to perform like a psychotic character in the film. Attention to detail was important to del Toro, and he gleefully pointed them out as he conducted his tour. He wasn’t short on interesting tidbits.

Sharpe Mansion is a marvelous set, easily comparable to Manderlay and Dragonwyck and other enigmatic Gothic residences that are as much characters as their residents. He says that all the creepy, personality laden homes made famous in Gothic romances and horror stories are all cousins. It seems that the poor heroine always retreats to a crumbling mansion where a dark, brooding, mysterious guy works his way into her psyche. He may be the keeper of a secret or the secret may possibly be his keeper. Whatever the case, del Toro submerges himself in the full history of any genre he’s working in. He immerses himself with not only the film history, but the entire history of the genre. He talks about the heritage he intends to honor and Gothic writers like du Maurier, the Brontes, Ann Radcliffe and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, whose book Uncle Silas is del Toro’s favorite gothic romance.

Sharpe Manor’s recreation was totally made with the notion that it could be deconstructed in various ways to accommodate extraordinary camera angles. The roof even comes off the house. The genius of the design lets him make an already giant building seem even bigger. It’s like the world’s largest dollhouse.

Del Toro is a hands-on director. His R Rated film Crimson Peak should rile up the fans of Gothic romance and horror stories alike. You’ll want to see it a dozen times, but it’s only fitting that the first time you watch the film, you should be there on the red carpet with del Toro and his actors and crew. The after party will surely be spectacular, and here at VIP concierge, we can make it all happen for you.