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The Dead Will Be Walking Again

October 10,2015

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, then you should have been at the San Diego Comic-Con. Executive producer Scott Gimble held a panel discussion with cast and crew members Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Lennie James (Morgan) and Melissa McBride (Carol) and numerous others. They spilled their guts regarding the Season 6 premiere and the upcoming season. The show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, was planning to attend the panel, but he became sick, so to honor him, many of the crew wore shirts with his face on them.

The season debut is coming with a mega-bang. That episode alone will feature 654 zombies on-screen, which is more than have ever been on one episode of the hit show before. There will be a special premiere and after party a few days before the show debuts on AMC on October 11. Naturally, it’ll be held in the fun and sun capital of the film world, Los Angeles. The beauty part is that all you dedicated fans can go to the world premiere and party by picking up some tickets at VIP Concierge. We’ve scoured the planet to find the tickets you need, and we’re happy to report that our hunt was successful. Tickets are limited, so it’s critical for you to get yours before they’re gone.

The first half of the season will have flashbacks, like always, and its signature disjointed time-frame. Also, Rick is going to have to answer up to Morgan and the rest for his methods. The trailer makes it look like real tension between the two. Gimble said that he likes to stretch the truth when it comes to the show’s trailers, so what they imply may not be what actually occurs.

Fans of the comic will be delighted to hear that the antagonistic Wolves will be featured predominantly during Season 6, but not in the way fans might expect. And, yes, Rick’s beard will still be a symbol of his character, so if you were worried about the beard, worry no more. The hair will be there.

The Walking Dead’s AMC network season premiere will be on October 11. Within 24 hours of its release in the U.S., some 125 other countries will be able to see the show. But you don’t have to wait for the broadcast premiere or 24 hours after to see the 90 minute Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead. We’ve got tickets for you here at VIP Concierge. We’re your passport to exciting, and we take entertainment seriously. Be special. Buy your tickets today so that you can attend the world premiere and after party in October. You’ll be glad you did.