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Do You Have the Need to Attend the “Need for Speed” Premiere and After-Party?

October 10,2015

Aaron Paul is mad, and he wants revenge. Not just because his hit TV show “Breaking Bad” has run its course. How could he be mad about that? He helped make that show, and that show made him. No, this time he’s mad because he was sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. In his upcoming action car-chase, bang-bang, blow them up film “Need for Speed,” he not only has a need for speed, he has a need for a heaping helping of good old fashioned vengeance. They say vengeance is a dish best served cold, but Tobey Marshall (Paul’s character) is serving it up piping hot on the hood of a high-octane car or two or even ten.

He enters a cross-country race packed with high-performance muscle cars and super duper four wheeled machines. Things really get rocking when his chief adversary, Dominic Cooper, puts a price on Paul’s head. The pedal’s to the metal when this video game come to life comes to life. This film will set the bar awfully high for all the car chase films to follow. Budget be damned. This one’s for the film fans who secretly yearn to be the next Bandit. They won’t be disappointed.

Of course, we all know that the best way to exact revenge is to race super powerful and awfully cool metal monsters around winding mountain roads. That’s a given. How many other racing films have had that premise? All of them. But this one rates high on the “Shut the front door” meter simply because of the four-wheeled artillery involved. This film has more metal-cake than Robocop’s family reunion. It’s more outrageous than Iron Man’s bar mitzvah. The people are listed as the stars, but I think the real stars are the cruising, bruising vehicles wrapped around engines big enough to power a freight train. The real stars are the Koenigseggs, McLarens, Lamborghinis, Mustangs and all the rest of the testosterone-injected extensions of—well, you get the point.

Now dig this. VIP Concierge has “Need for Speed” movie premiere tickets for the March 6, 2014 Hollywood showing and the Need for Speed after-parties, where you can talk to the people who made the film and starred in it. Of course, the cars won’t be there, but they’ll be well represented on the screen.

If you’ve never been to a movie premiere, it’s as exciting as, well, it’s as exciting as a Hollywood movie premiere. The parties are mind bending, just like the films. Nobody has a bad seat, and everyone’s primed, lubed and ready for a heavy dose of good times.

Don’t wait. It’s time to act if you want to attend the premiere. Give us a call and well hook you and your favorite somebody up with tickets to the premiere, the after-party or both. Your call. Aaron Paul has a new bag, but he’s still involved with speed. This time it’s velocity, not meth.