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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise to the Occasion, Go to the Premiere

October 10,2015

Die-hard fans, your spider sense will tell you that something big is afoot in Hollywood—er—New York City—something red and blue and spidery all over. It’s almost hard to believe that the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is about to debut, since the first installment in this beloved reboot came out in 2012, which is like less than 24 months to watch, watch and re-watch the film a hundred times. We’re not even used to Andrew Garfield being on screen instead of Toby McGuire, but he’s proven himself worthy of some amazing, crazy superpowers. The film was shot entirely in New York State, staying true to Peter Parker’s Queens roots, and it’s premiering in the city too, which is great for all of you East Coast comic fans. In this electrifying reboot, and we really mean “electrifying,” Peter Parkers hangs out with the lovely Emma Stone, tells ridiculous stories to Aunt May, played by Sally Field, and fights the villains of OsCorp, all while preparing to graduate from high school, finally! He’s only been repeating his last year since 1962! Of course, there’s no more Uncle Ben in this series, probably a trademark issue with the rice company, but Aunt May surely does hold down the fort and make sure the laundry gets done right. Who knew the spider suit was “dry clean only” when it’s so hard to find a reliable cleaner? Director Marc Webb and Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network”) are returning to the project with some fresh villains, like The Rhino, a vindictive Russian gangster played by Paul Giamatti, and a nerdish electric engineer, Jamie Foxx, who becomes the terrifyingly destructive Electro after a nasty on-the-job accident involving electric eels. Yeesh! Worker’s comp anyone? Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by Spider-Man creator and the master of Marvel, Stan Lee. Dane DeHaan, Embeth Davidtz, Colm Feore and Campbell Scott round out the evil cast that races through OsCorp headquarters and across the city as they try to capture Spidey and his powers, ostensibly for some corporate growth plan. The film is billed as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro” in some markets, but we prefer Spider-Man: Rise of the Party, since that’s what we’ll be doing on April 24, 2014, after the New York City premiere. Movie premiere tickets are kind of like a superpower in the real world. They get you into the theater with the stars, and more importantly, they get you into the party afterward. There are sure to be all kinds of arachnid acrobats, colorful Spidey drinks and super-powered decor. It will be like a comic convention, but classier, less weird and way sexier. Get your Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie premiere tickets, and attend the amazing Spider-Man after-party. There’s no better time to be a VIP.