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NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade VIP Viewing

NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade VIP Viewing

Watch the Thanksgiving Parade live from your VIP Seating!
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VENUE: New York City
EVENT DATE: 11/23/2023
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During my childhood, the holiday season didn’t really begin until we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade live on TV for three solid hours as the meal was prepared. It was the most wondrous event to impressionable me with all the floats, marching bands and the giant cartoon hero balloons. I remember Santa would always arrive at the tail end of the parade every year, which officially opened the holiday season. I was always worried that he wouldn’t make it.

I loved watching the parade throughout my Wonder Bread years. It was like I was there, in the stands, experiencing it in person. Now, VIP Concierge is proud to offer VIP Viewing.

These aren’t just tickets–they represent unique, unforgettable memories–the ultimate holiday fantasy come true for all ages–from a baby boomer to a youngster! New York City is a world unto itself that really comes alive throughout the holidays–and the holidays start with the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Be there for all the joy, hall-decking and lords a leapin’ that you can handle–plus the first class shopping, the world renowned Broadway shows, and all the parts of the Big Apple that you can sample.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Check out our packages, and give us a call to set up a holiday season filled with good cheer and exciting things to do.