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2024 Super Bowl Tickets!

2024 Super Bowl Tickets!

Get VIP tickets to Super Bowl LVIII in Vegas while saving thousands in crazy fees! Touchdown!
Super Bowl Interest
VENUE: Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV
EVENT DATE: 02/11/2024
PRICE: Please see below options:
Ticket Type Price
(per person)
Tickets Available Action
2024 Super Bowl: Upper Level End Zone / Corner with pre game hospitality featuring premium open bar, gourmet food and entertainment $8750 4 no Buy Now
2024 Super Bowl: Upper Sideline w/ Pre Game Hospitality Experience (End Line – 20 YD Line in Sec 406-409, 415-419, 432-435, 441-444) $9700 4 no Buy Now
2024 Super Bowl: Upper Premium w/ Pre Game Hospitality Experience (In Between 20 YD Lines in Sec 410 – 414 or 436-440) $10550 4 no Buy Now
2024 Super Bowl: 100/200 Sideline w/ Pre Game Hospitality Experience (End Line – 10 YD Line in Sec 207-208, 106-108, 116-118, 218-219, 128-130, 231-232, 138-140, 242-243) $16995 4 no Buy Now


Grab Your VIP 2024 Super Bowl Tickets!

Score a touchdown for your team by getting your 2024 Super Bowl tickets from VIP Concierge. We’ll use our inside connections to match you with the best available seats for your budget. Since we don’t add any outrageous fees or service charges, you might actually save money! We can also get you into celebrity Super Bowl parties in Hollywood and Vegas for more outrageous fun. Here’s the lowdown on current ticket options for the Big Game.

  • Mild: Upper-level end-zone seats with a full hospitality package
  • Medium: VIP hospitality and upper-level sideline seats around the 20-yard line
  • Spicy: Premium upper-level seats and pregame VIP hospitality
  • Extra-Spicy: Pregame hospitality and killer seats around the 10-yard line

Score VIP Tickets to the Year’s Biggest Sporting Event

It’s that time of year again! Football season is still in its early days, but there’s already wild speculation about which teams will make it to the playoffs and fight their way into the final championship game.

In today’s world, nothing says you’ve made it like scoring tickets to the Super Bowl. There’s a reason why Super Bowl tickets are the ultimate status symbol for any sports fan. The game is as big is it gets. World Series tickets may go for big bucks, especially the box seats, but the Super Bowl is the year’s ultimate sporting event. As you already know, there’s nothing like sports to bring people together.

See Celebs & Friends

Celebrities flock to the Super Bowl! You’ll see devoted sports fans like Sean Penn, Chris Tucker, Jay-Z and Charlize Theron. Famous faces like LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Shaun White come out to celebrate their fellow athletes. Cuties like Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough take time out of their busy schedules to attend this event. Even home décor mavens Chip and Joanna Gaines drop their paintbrushes and pick up a beer to watch the Super Bowl live and in-person.

You might see anyone from Martha Stewart to Megan Thee Stallion, given the sheer number of celebrities who attend this all-out event. Pop stars like Cardi B and Ciara show up for the halftime show and to support their fellow artists. The point is, all the big names attend the Super Bowl. You never know what’s going to happen once the fun starts!

Predictions for Super Bowl LVIII

This year, the narrative is all about the quarterbacks. There are so many contenders who could lead the NFC East or the AFC West to victory. In no particular order:

  • Joe Burrow: Whether you’re talking about his looks or his skills on the field, this Heisman winner from Cinci is HOT, and with a $275 million contract, he’s the highest-paid player in the league.
  • Patrick Mahomes: With two Super Bowl rings on his talented fingers, this defending champ knows the taste of victory. One thing’s for sure, he doesn’t want to go back to Kansas City empty-handed.
  • Josh Allen: The Bills have had their ups and downs at the Super Bowl, well, mainly downs, and not first downs, but fans in Buffalo have a reason to be excited when this hard-hitting player is on the field.
  • Aarron Rodgers: A 15-year NFL veteran with one of the lowest interception rates in the league, Rodgers is a formidable opponent who can use his experience to claim a second Super Bowl win.
  • Jalen Hurts: After leading the Eagles to Super Bowl LVII in 2022, there’s no doubt that this multitalented quarterback is ready for more.
  • Trevor Lawrence: Another football heart-throb, Lawrence helped Jacksonville beat the Chargers by one point in the 2022 Wild Card Round before falling short to the Chiefs by just one goal.
  • Deshaun Watson: The long-suffering Cleveland Browns are a giant step closer to their first Super Bowl win with this double-threat on the field.
  • Kenny Pickett: A 2022 first-round draft pick, Pickett is still a newbie, but he definitely has the talent to continue the Steelers’ Super Bowl-winning dynasty.

2024: Super Bowl LVIII Comes to Vegas

As we wrap up the 2023 football season, football fans can look forward to sunny weather since the Super Bowl is happening at Allegiant Stadium in beautiful Paradise, Nevada, just outside Vegas, where the average high in February is around 65 degrees. The Big Game is happening Sunday (duh), February 11, 2024!

If you’ve been dreaming and scheming about how to attend the Super Bowl in 2024, you don’t need a secret connection. Look no further than VIP Concierge. With over 18 years of expertise selling tickets to A-list events, we’ll match you with the best seats for your budget. There are no hidden fees or surcharges, guaranteed! Call us today, or email us to reserve your VIP Super Bowl tickets. Don’t forget to check out our seating chart for more details.