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How to Get Access to Exclusive Events

October 10,2019

Getting Into Red-Hot Red Carpet Events Isn’t as Hard as You Think

There’s a common misconception that you need to be a celebrity in order to get into red carpet events such as the Golden Globe Parites .But did you know that you can attend these super-exclusive events?

That’s right! All you need to get in is a ticket, and here at VIP Concierge, we know exactly how to get that for you.

We’ve supplied thousands of tickets to exclusive events such as the VMA’s, film premieres, the Country Music Awards, and many more.

Get the VIP Event Details

If you’re wanting to go to a VIP event, the first step is to get yourself the details! Look up red carpet events that are taking place when and where you are. You can find lists of upcoming movie premiers, hot after-parties, and award shows by looking through calendars of events.

Once you’ve selected an event that gets your heart racing, double check the start time and the location. Many events take place and happening spots such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

How to Prepare for the Event 

Early is On Time, On Time is Late

We already mentioned that you’ll need to grab the event details to find the time and location. However, don’t take that start time too literally!

The event listings let you know the time the event is supposed to officially begin, but there will be plenty of exclusive access events happening long before the party starts. In fact, it takes about 2 hours for all the guests and celebs to arrive, and often that’s when the juicy things are happening!

On top of that, you’ll want to grab a good viewpoint to see your favorite celebrities; arrive a few hours before the event begins for the best seat in the house.

The 91st Academy Awards will undoubtedly be exciting, but the best part of the Oscar experience is the outrageous, over-the-top parties that take place before, during and after the show!

The Fan Zone

Pro Tip: the earlier you arrive, the more you get to experience! The early birds to the party are often rewarded by being allowed into an exclusive zone which gives you a great view of the red carpet. And, this could be your big chance for an autograph!

Keep in mind that this is only available to the first one or two hundred guests, so you’ll need to be there roughly six hours before the event starts!

Of course, if they don’t win, you might want to get downwind of them until their mood improves. Either way, you’ll have a story to tell when you get home. 

Bring Snacks

Because getting into exclusive events means waiting in lines, you’ll want to bring water and plenty of snacks to eat. And, if it’s chilly outside, pack a blanket or bring a warm jacket!
Don’t want to wait in the lines? That’s where VIP Concierge comes in. Buy tickets to celebrity events and skip the queues.

Be A Part of the Action

No matter who you are or what event you want to attend, where there’s a will there’s a way! At VIP Concierge, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime. We make it possible for you to get limited access to all the country’s favorite events and to get up close and personal with your on-screen heroes. 
Get in touch with us today to attend exclusive events and see your favorite stars in the flesh.