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What’s The Difference? The AMAs vs. The CMAs

October 10,2019

Who’s Hotter: CMAs or AMAs



If you’re a country music fan – I mean a real country music fan – then you know how special November is. If you don’t know why that month is special, if you don’t know what I am implying, then you’re not a real fan. 


That because everybody who IS a true country music fan knows that in November two award shows go down 11 days and 2,000 miles apart. 


In fact, I have a calendar that only has one page–November, and only 2 days are listed–the 13th and the 24th. That’s because on November 13 in Nashville, TN, you can attend the CMA awards and on the 24th, you can go to the AMA in Los Angeles. Or you could go to both, and join the jet set.



Tough Decisions: Are the AMAs or CMAs Better?



Which award show should you choose? We’re glad you asked, and we can help you with your problem. That’s what we do. We restructure time and space to enable you to receive VIP red carpet treatment whether you’re on the left coast or in the middle of tobacco road. 


Both shows are awesome, and it’s really impossible to compare one to the other.


They both have live music, star presenters, entertaining hosts, a crowdful of hopeful nominees with their plus ones and entourages, and of course plenty of paparazzi. Events of this magnitude draw media members like disco music attracts dancers.


So, given equal outstanding events with VIP seating and passes to the exclusive afterparties, then the next way to whittle the choices down would be by the two very different cities. 



Los Angeles: Home of the AMAs



Let’s start with L.A., the coastal home of the angels. Land of dreams and dreamers, instant coffee and non-dairy creamers (I don’t know what that means, but it sounded good), it’s exciting just being in Los Angeles. 


The best of just about anything you can think of is nearby, like amusement parks, bars, fine dining, music halls, movie studios, beaches and, of course, we can’t forget Californians, the main reason that California is California, and Los Angeles isn’t New York City.



Nashville: The Heart of the CMAs



Nashville, on the other hand, is a land of dreams and dreamers, instant coffee and non-dairy creamers (I still don’t know what that means, but it worked the first time), it’s exciting just being in Nashvegas, as the locals call it. 


HEY! Wait a minute. Nashville shares the same benefits of being a hip metropolitan area, and it isn’t about to roll over and play dead. 


Anything L.A. can do, so can Nashville, and don’t forget–this is Music City, and we are talking about the CMA show, so Nashville has an edge in that way. 


The Broadway strip is wild all day and even wilder at night. The Stage, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and Robert’s Western Wear host some of the hottest players who play for hours without a break.


The party never stops, or even slows down.



Face The Music At These Awards Shows



If it were up to me, I’d go to both shows. If you live in L.A. or Nashville, a 5 day visit to the other city will do you good. If you’re in the heartland, round up some friends and a van and make it a 2 week road trip. 


We don’t play favorites. We think the CMAs and the AMAs are both awesome. Convenience and what you’re looking for will determine where you choose. 


Either way, you’ll be happy as a dog with two tails.