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LA On Fire: Backstage at The Oscar Parties

October 10,2019

What’s Happening At The Oscars: The After Parties

Think quick. Where can you see all your favorite movie stars, directors, screenwriters, musicians, and even lowly comedians at the same place, at the very same time? 

Well, in all honesty, the answer is probably nowhere. However, you can get pretty close by hitting two or three Oscar parties in February. 

Stars are just like everybody else, except they’re adored and revered and exalted and cheered (that rhyme was too obvious to ignore, sorry). 

But even though they’re treated like royalty, they’re still just plain folks. They like to see what others are wearing. They want to be part of the gang, even if the gang is a bunch of separatists. They’re still hanging around with birds of the same feather. 

Party Like it’s 1963 At the Oscars

Can you say party hopping? That’s the hippest thing to do on Oscar night. It’s more fun to bounce around between the outrageous parties than it is to stay put at just one–even though one’s better than none. 

But if you have tickets to two or three parties, you could go from Elton John’s charity bash to the Vanity Fair party to the In Style Magazine affair or the Amazon party or even the ultra flashy UTA/AA/WME/ICM agency parties. 

It’s really a pretty easy formula. If you bounce from party to party, you’re going to see more people, you’re going to do more things, and you’re going to have a better time. 

The only thing more exciting than a good time is a better time, and even that can be upgraded to the best time. For the math fiends out there, try this. 

The number of parties (P) times the number of stars (S) equals the most excitement (E) or in math shorthand, P x S = E

Get VIP Access to Oscar After Parties

Here at VIP Concierge, our mission is to put you directly in the path of all the action with Oscar Party Tickets, so you can hang out with all the stars and industry professionals all night long. 

The 91st Academy Awards will undoubtedly be exciting, but the best part of the Oscar experience is the outrageous, over-the-top parties that take place before, during and after the show!

It’s more fun to watch the awards from a party where producers or directors or actors can win and begin their celebrating right then. You get to be there for the thrill of their victory. 

Of course, if they don’t win, you might want to get downwind of them until their mood improves. Either way, you’ll have a story to tell when you get home. 

Stay Cool at The Oscars

The parties are also where the beautiful people show you just how beautiful they really are by wearing designer exclusives and borrowed diamonds. 

Nothing says glitz like a diamond necklace with matching earrings. OK, a diamond tiara might be more glitzy, but they’re not really the fashion now.

Look over our available Oscar party tickets. The selection can vary by the hour all the way until the event, so check back often.